1000 Grandmothers for Peace

Singing Don Willis’ original arrangement of Holly Near’s song, “A Thousand Grandmothers”, the Emandal Chorale entered the Willits Frontier Days Parade on July 4, 2012. We invited grandmothers to join us, carrying pictures of their grandchildren, to create peace in the world and in our community. We walked, sang, and touched the hearts of many onlookers. Watch the video here!

If you would like to create a similar event in your community, contact us and we will send you our arrangement. Together we can make peace!

Why We Sing

To fill myself with music and to hear that music blending and reverberating throughout a room or hall—is about as transcendent an experience as I think I’m likely to have on this good earth. There is simply little to compare to the communion of song.



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